2021.09.24 04:55 minnesotamoon Legendary

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2021.09.24 04:55 Stop_Banning_Me21 Everyone knows each other and i just sit there like a stoner

And even if someone wants me how long would it last
Im boring af and barley do anything. I sit around and play shitty Roblox games and watch The Simpsons and King of The Hill, I call myself a furry but only consume the most basic of media. I cant even draw. I want to do gardening but haven’t even started. And like that would rlly give me a better personality.
That’s literally it. All that combined with my antisocial behaviors makes me worthless. Honestly dont rlly fit in here either.
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2021.09.24 04:55 KornPuf Is there any place other than wheeler in the Hartford or Litchfield county that does autism screenings?

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2021.09.24 04:55 456northside Not sure about you, BUT this one is a keeper for me

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2021.09.24 04:55 HistAnsweredBot Were medieval siege equipment ever used to clear forests or terraform?

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2021.09.24 04:55 OverWRL999 I think the M3tamorphosis beat switch should've been placed in the middle of the song

It's still one of my favorites but I think it would be better to place the beat switch of Cudi's humming in the middle of the song instead of the beginning.
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2021.09.24 04:55 wurlo Bruzer blop

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2021.09.24 04:55 ItsEmyxoxo why does no one tell you how demoralizing and sucky sorority rush can be?

none of my roommates rushed or are rushing because they didn’t think they could see themselves doing it. i get it now. there’s getting out of your comfort zone and then there’s rushing. i feel like it should come with a warning sign or maybe there was one and i didn’t see it.
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2021.09.24 04:55 walkingisnice I just don’t know. Please give me your input 🙏🏻

I’ve been working at this company for 4 months now, and I’ve been doing a great job especially with the lack of training and help settling into my role. The person I was replacing didn’t hand the torch to me, and I was left on my own accord finding out what I have to do and successfully do them all.
The management team has been great at helping me whenever I needed them, and even helped me move into a shared office with someone who is only in on Sundays and Mondays because I work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. (I was initially working just two of those days and I asked for an extra day because of the workload and they gave the extra day). I’m always mindful when I leave on Thursday to keep things respectful for the other person to work. FYI, when I first moved into this office, I cleaned it for a day, it wasn’t the tidiest and had a dead plant in the corner lol.
My work includes making confidential calls and signing paperwork that I usually had to bring into another place, which is why moving into a private office was perfect.
My HR asked me if I am okay with moving back downstairs again, and I said no. They wanted me to move where I used to sit, because there was an issue brought from the person I was sharing the space with for whatever reason. There’s too many of us on the phone there and I can’t manage my own work. Afterwards I said it’s okay, I’ll do it and manage to bring people to a different area on another floor when needed. However, just moments after I said that, people who needed me walked into my office and gave me something sensitive to deal with. (This usually happens, dealing with people is my job). So I went back to my boss and told them what just happened with people who decided to come to me random without making an appointment in the day. It’s just too much back and forth for me.
They’re probably going to find another spot for me. I work hard and I’m an important staff member too. I’m not sure what to feel about this situation.
Outside of work, I’ve recently started standing up for myself in my life after realizing how much of a non-confrontational pushover I’ve been. So I’m basically at my wits end.
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2021.09.24 04:55 DUMMYFACE3792 When I first installed the subs and amp it sounded really good but I disconnected it today and when I put the subs back they sounded really ugly. When I unhook one subwoofer it does sound slightly better. Skar RP-2000 and JL audio W3 10s

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2021.09.24 04:55 earthypeter8 Alahnaly Beautiful girl showing off her hot body in front of the mirror with her phone

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2021.09.24 04:55 Kallen_Emilia I was scrolling through my old wishlist on wish and I stumbled across this gem

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2021.09.24 04:55 GangJinho1996 PLEASE HELP ME find a higher quality version of this documentary

The Worst Massacre In American History - Virginia Tech Massacre
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2021.09.24 04:55 CreateNowSleepLater XP Pen Artist Pro 16 (2021) Pen Display Review | Wacom killer for digital art?

I have the XP-Pen Artist Pro 16 from XP-Pen. A Pen Display/Graphics tablet featuring their new X3 technology. Is this a good fit for digital art? Does it compare to the Wacom Cintiq? (I think it does)
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2021.09.24 04:55 Roadgoddess Neighbor’s helping Neighbours through Lasagna Love, now in Canada

It is so important during this difficult time that we each know that others care about us and our needs. Lasagna Love hopes to share the love, one Lasagna at a time! (Lots of other entrees are possible too) If you would like some TLC in the form of a complimentary home cooked meal from a volunteer in your area, just click on the link below and make a request, no questions asked. Whether your need be financial, health-related or emotional, we want to help. A volunteer will be in touch with you about a contactless delivery within 10 days. I'm one of the volunteers and it would be my pleasure to make your day easier! Feel free to pass this info on to others
Lasagna Love has distributed over 100K lasagnas in the US over the last two years and have recently started in Canada so we are looking for you, our special volunteers to help us fulfill the requests. , Please pass this along to those you think might be interested. It’s an easy way to make someone’s day just a bit better.❤️
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2021.09.24 04:55 earthypeter8 Alahnaly Beautiful girl showing off her hot body in front of the mirror with her phone

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2021.09.24 04:55 Shineyman4444 How exactly does KTC calculate values?

I know they says it’s crowdsourced but from where? If it happens to be those annoying Keep, trade, cut questionnaires you have to answer every time you go to the site, then it makes me seriously downgrade its effectiveness as a trade tool.
I know you’re not supposed to use these calculators as a end all be all, but with dealing with people it seems to be used as the truth.
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2021.09.24 04:55 jkjoker6 Can I refund if I haven't redeemed the code yet?

So, I've just started playing the game on a free trial account a few days ago and I don't really have an opinion of the game yet but I noticed that the complete edition is on sale in the SE store. Since the game is on sale, I want to get it but I want to know, can I get a refund in the future if I end up not liking the game.
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2021.09.24 04:55 TheBowlOfCereal “I and my companions suffer from a disease of the heart which can only be cured with silver.” -Ape Hernán Cortés

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2021.09.24 04:55 MindSettOnWinning A successful run. Best way to farm gold now.

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2021.09.24 04:55 AlphaFemale868 She's ready for bed

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2021.09.24 04:55 mcchickenlover1124 Dating in mid-20s

M 25 here. Been single for 3 years. It gets really boring & lonely just focusing on myself. Done a lot for the better. Since I’ve been single for 3 years I want to also invest in getting to know someone, I want to take the time to go on dates & see where it goes. It just seems like women now a days just aren’t interested in dating or even taking the time to get to know someone cause “they don’t reply to strangers”. I don’t go out, so I take it upon myself to approach women that I don’t know (RESPECTFULLY) most of the time I get rejected or they give me a contact info & they don’t reply. Or if I follow someone on social media I’ll try to make conversation & no reply. I’m really discouraged at this point but I’m still trying my best to stay confident & positive… my IG is @michaelchacon_ If you guys want to see how I look & my hobbies
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2021.09.24 04:55 starfeed 210922 Members Twitter (Taedong)

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2021.09.24 04:55 NewEnglandPrepper [Lowe’s] Jackery 550w Solar Generator + Jackery 100W Solar Panel — $789 (was $839)

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2021.09.24 04:55 Korivire What anime?

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