GTA V: Bikes and the City

2021.09.24 05:04 P0pcornChicken GTA V: Bikes and the City

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2021.09.24 05:04 meggriffinsglasses It’s so strange that men are so dedicated to gaining access to as many women as possible, but every day women tell men exactly what they need to do to get it and their response is to argue about it and fight against it.

Women can give men the blueprint and instead of following the blueprint they will throw a tantrum about having to do x, y, and z. Meanwhile there is an abundance of people pleasing female pick mes who will do whatever men tell them to do to get their attention.
Are they slow? What’s not clicking? Women keep saying the same shit over and over. No amount of whining about womens standards is going to change anything. Either comply and do what it takes or jerk off every day.
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2021.09.24 05:04 yarenSC No option to desynth to get demimateria III?

I made some Spicy Tomato Relish to use Desynthesis with and get Demimateria III for some easy level 50 crafting/gathering stuff, but there isn't a Desynthesis option when right clicking it. Are there some items that you have to do extra tasks to unlock Desynthesis on? Or are they just not Desynthable anymore (I know they used to be, since there are lots of references to this specific item all over the Internet)

If anybody knows any current ways to get these (other jobs are ok too) that would work too. TIA
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ok i’m getting a little thing on the cell phone promo that’s like the percussion ensemble is exhausted. come back later. and i was just wondering how long it takes before i can use that again? ty
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2021.09.24 05:04 AwakeN_Beast How to add ar emoji for non samsung users?

So i use ar emoji watch face on my watch 4 but since i use oneplus I cant seem to add my emoji. Do u guys have any idea if it can be added? TIA
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2021.09.24 05:04 quarantinedExtrovert How To Not Have To Kill Off The Parents

We don't see many stories where protagonist has both parents. That's because this is hard. How do you protect your protagonist’s agency? How do you still have good conflicts and stakes? There is a reason why even acclaimed writers and directors resort to simply killing off the parent(s). I'm here to help you understand what makes loving two-parent households interfere with your protagonist's journey, and what you need to do to make it work! Here are some pointers on how to create a tense, engaging story without sacrificing the nuance of a loving, united family. 🥰
Story Challenges of Functioning Two-Parent Households A.k.a. why authors choose to kill them off:

  1. Agency: Your child / teen characters need to have agency: the ability to do things that have impact and run the story. How do you do that when we know good, involved parents will interfere with their children if what the kids need to do is dangerous? You can't have the parents solve the problem. Removing parents from the picture is the easy way many people. Many people rely on the dead-parent / dead-parents trope because they cannot come up with a good solution / work-around to that and -- hello! They're excited to write the rest of the story, to jump into the action.
  2. Suspension of Disbelief: You'll have to constantly come up with reasons for how the parents don't interfere. You literally need to set up in the architecture of the story what prevents them from interfering at (almost) all times. This can be a serious, exhausting problem. There are absolutely some stories that cannot function with watchful parents nearby. (Believe me, I've been here before.)
  3. Raising Stakes: Removing parents also provides the added result of raising stakes. Good parents are generally a safety net that can help their children. Someone without parents will not have that, so the audience can assume they will fall farther and won't have anyone else to pick them up.
  4. Angst Stories: If you are using the death of a parent(s) to induce angst / revenge motive / etc. where the death of the parent(s), these are stories I am setting aside for this discussion. I am narrowing the focus of this post to situations where authors are choosing to kill off characters because they were struggling with figuring out how to keep the parents out of the way of the action of the story.
How to have characters with loving parents without losing Agency:
  1. Separate or isolate them from the parents. Physically separating them is the most powerful way. For example, boarding schools / summer camp environments. They can also be isolated by the secretive nature of something — like special powers they can't let their parents know about for their safety.
  2. Sometimes it is the parents that are in some ways lacking in power. For example, in America, immigrant parents who speak with accents or who cannot speak English well sometimes rely on their children to do the talking for them -- from telling the cashier at the Dollar Store that they got overcharged to translating what a teacher / landlord / doctor is saying. This puts children in positions of great power -- and with immense stakes, because if the family doesn't get what they need, the child will feel at fault for not having stood their ground / done well enough.
  3. The parents get kidnapped / arrested / falsely charged. Now the kids have someone to save. (It's a nice flip of parents having to save the kids too.) It could even pressure the kids to have to solve the problem in a way that doesn't further penalize or penalize faster the parents.
  4. Have a family where both parents are constantly working their butts of trying to keep a house over their roofs -- so both are absent and leaving the oldest child in charge, even if the oldest child is 9 years old. This is especially easy to use to the effect of tearjerkers -- the parents are spending themselves to give their children a better life. The children can be loyal and feel guilty if they don’t feel like they measure up to the parents’ hard work — or resentful of being left alone. This leaves space for the protagonist to still love them, need their love, and opens space for immense catharsis if they get to express this to their parents and get reciprocated. Which is harder to do when, you know, the parents are dead.
  5. Disable the parents from being able to deal with the problem. Author R. L. Stine of the Goosebumps series capitalizes on this in dozens of books, if not more than 100 of the 235+: if they don't believe there's a monster in the closet / the camera is haunted / the doll comes to life at night, they won't take actions to do something about it. It's all up to the child characters to solve the problem. In fact, they're the only ones who can. You build the personality of the parents to be people who won’t recognize / acknowledge the problem.
  6. Disable the parents from functioning as a safety net. No amount of money they can send to their kid in boarding school is going to save the kid from being haunted by the paintings in the third floor library. It is perfectly fine for parents to be competent safety nets — but you just need to disable the one thing that the villain / main conflict operates under. If the conflict is about whether or not the main character has the musical chops necessary to make it into a conservatory, make the parents incapable of doing anything to help that cause.
  7. Prevent the parents from being able to come to the rescue. You can have an authoritative middleman (like the coach or the principal of the school) misinforming the parents so that basic miscommunications will prevent parents from being able to come to their kids’ rescue before it is too late.
  8. Prevent the parents from being able to come to the rescue in time**.** 1. Physical separation can be enough to prevent them from come in time. You can combine this with the above: it would be especially interesting if the child characters were banking on one set of parents to swoop in and rescue them — and then find out, because of the middleman, that help isn’t coming.
This will work in all sorts of contexts, from the contemporary world to stories where kids and teens have superpowers or magic power to fantasy and science fiction and historical fiction.
Now that I have written #5, 6, 7, an 8, actually, I am realizing, sometimes authors don't realize which part of the main conflicts in their story they need to prevent the parents from resolving. Figuring out what the solution to the big problem is first will help you define how to disable the parents from being able to solve it. But it takes care, some clever digging and analysis just to figure out what to disable.
How to have characters with loving parents without losing Conflict:
  1. Sometimes, parents are part of the conflict. Two loving and alert parents means the kids have to figure out what they need to do while avoiding the attention of their parents! As in many a Goosebumps book, if the parents won't believe there's a monster in the closet -- and will in fact start fretting over whether to connect their child to a therapist. Parents don't detract to the conflict then -- they add to it! And they're some of the biggest stakes!
  2. If the parents are in a compromised position, their safety / reputation will always be pressure.
  3. Managing parent relations can be part of conflict. For example, in #7 above, to a character who loves her parents, she does not want to disappoint them and tumble in their eyes in terms of respect and what they believe about her. A middleman misinforming her parents about what she is doing is a huge creator of stress -- and a fantastic problem for the kids and parents to overcome, sometimes resulting in a wholesome, epic alliance against whatever they are facing -- like the corrupt mining corporation employing her father.
  4. (Oops, I've written 1500 words and have to cut this section short, but many of the suggestions in the above section also double here!!!)
I hope this provides starting points for how to write stories with empowered characters and great conflict. Adding two loving parents requires the writer to find creative ways to empower their characters and protect their agency! Seriously, this can be Hard Mode. But there are tremendous rewards to not opting for orphan / toxic parent-child relationships. It provides the opportunity for beautiful, authentic relationships in the parent-child domain -- one of the most treasured relationships that crosses boundaries across languages, cultures and time, a relationship most humans yearn and hunger for, whether we are lucky enough to A) even have parent-child relationships or B) have a good parent-child relationship.
I’d highly recommend you try it out! This could be just the amount of light and hope to turn a dark story into a poignant story, or a light story into a wholesome one. This could be the difference.
Okay, that's enough from me! Do you know of any other ways to incorporate parents into stories? Or have you seen it done well in other fics? Or are you struggling with what to do with the parents of your characters? Share in the comments and we can help each other figure it out! Let's save some lives, people! 😉
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To learn more and apply for the job, please see Graphics Software Engineer - Careers at Apple
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I built a V8 DOHC Supercharged and was wondering in what cars it can be placed in because each time I try and place it in one of my cars it says, "You don't have the necessary parts". Pls help!
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The rise of the heretics, and the fall of mankind. Forgive them, for they know not what they withhold. A purity so everlasting, that one would not believe it, even if his father told him so. One is easily dissuaded, putting their upmost trust in things that do not serve. The deception at their fingertips is ready to be withdrawn at a moment’s notice. At last, if one could reposition their focus to what matters at heart rather than matters at hand, perhaps the madness would less ensue.
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It'd be even more fun if doors were added to mp lol (just my opinion)
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