Childcare should be a right, not a privilege.

2021.09.24 04:22 10votes Childcare should be a right, not a privilege.

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2021.09.24 04:22 TheMongoose78 I made a thing. I hope you all like it.

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2021.09.24 04:22 AlexCora Dark Continent by David Portlock

Does anyone happen to have this Bloodlist script? Sounds like a fun read.
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2021.09.24 04:22 friezelouise need to get rid of a gov ball ticket…

selling a gov ball ticket for saturday at a discounted price 😸 pm if interested
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2021.09.24 04:22 EXO_XiZiTy Ludwig Reacts To Chris Pratt As Mario

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2021.09.24 04:22 Fronk_Oreo69 I just realized how much of a bitch I am

I get jealous easily, so when I make friends, and see that they are a much better person then me, I always try to act like I'm the better person. and I'll act completely different then the way I actually am, and act like a different and better person to make myself feel better. and I'll act like I'm way better then them. and I won't make my friends meet my other friends, because I know they'll get along more with them then me. I fucking disgust myself. I want to fix this horrible sick trait, but I don't know how to. I don't know if I just want attention, or I'm just a really shitty person. but I just want to fix this, and be a normal person.
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2021.09.24 04:22 lingo4300 Nintendo has started war with Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl (not relevant to slgg... yet, maybe.)

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2021.09.24 04:22 judd1127 Infinite tech preview

I got selected for the tech preview. In the email they said that I'd get another email with more info about downloading the pre-release build via email and waypoint messages but I did not get either. has this happened to anyone else
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2021.09.24 04:22 Ok_Chip_4012 I don’t know what to do.

So I like this girl. We start becoming good freinds and eventually I get her phone number. And we start staying up till 2am playing games and texting. Then like 3 days after I got her number it came up in our conversation about who we liked. She told me who she liked then I told her I liked her. But she rejected me. Turns out she likes my best friend. But it’s been 2 months since then and we still talk till 2am every night and she has told me multiple times what would I ever do without you. What should I do?? Should I keep trying? Or should I give up and move on?
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2021.09.24 04:22 noahjtrevino DJS, Splint, and questions about eating.

I had DJS and have a splint. Something I don’t see too common on this platform unfortunately. I get all my wires out in a couple days and am wondering a few things. How long does it usually take before eating actual food, and does it hurt? And am I going to be able to open my mouth or will it take time?
I’ve been solely on a liquid diet. Nothing at all can be too thick or else it clogs up my braces and wires and is a pain. So I am looking forward to real food. It’s been just over 5 weeks and am getting the wires off on this upcoming Tuesday. I really need some assurance or a heads up that I can or cannot eat food. I’ve been forgetting to ask my surgeon haha. So for anyone who can answer from experience will be very appreciated.
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2021.09.24 04:22 Turbo_teej Sleeping under the stars is my new full time job 😍😍😍

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2021.09.24 04:22 GivenchyReacts Free Kmoney Fr

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2021.09.24 04:22 FranzSolo9 Anyone else in b2 gold?

Who else is a holder of the bag in this downward dog?! I averaged down a bit today on the 4.3% drop, average is like $5.59 now 🤦‍♂️, looks juicy tho, p/e of 6, 4.5% divy
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2021.09.24 04:22 TeeTime30 Best of 3 Holes | Max VS Beau | WHO WINS?! | Part 2 if any of you can take a look at our swings and suggests some fixs that would be greatly appreciated!

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2021.09.24 04:22 remlutupse Biossance Coupon Code Reddit

Here is the Biossance Coupon Code Reddit
And also you can find more coupon codes, deals, discounts, promo codes on there.
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2021.09.24 04:22 _Caveira_ 23 [M4R] US/Online Introvert Looking For Friends

Hey how's it going?! I'm really bad at this kind of stuff but I wanted to give this r4r thing a try. I'm looking for people who like to play games on pc, watch anime or even just chill on a discord calls :)
Types of games I play is terraria, DBD, Osu, FF14 and random ones that I'm forgetting to list haha. I try to make friends from those games but no luck ^^;
One thing I forgot to say is that I love to draw and make models for friends and working on vtuber models, its weird for most but its a fun thing to work on. But anyways sorry for this mess of a post haha. Have a good day / Night, later. :)
Ps: some days I might be busy because of the US Army has me do some wacky stuff haha...yaaaaa
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2021.09.24 04:22 Ok_Way8602 The derail of the best campaign of my group.

This is my first time posting here, i lurked a little, and consume YouTube videos of about a situation that happened last year, but ended totally this year.
Sorry for my bad grammar sometimes, english is not my first language, and this is a long post, will have a Tl;DR at the end, if interested.
Let's go to the cast:
DM:The guy that basically introduce me to RPG's, but my first campaign was with other DM, it's a pretty chill guy and a cool guy, but for some reason loves the Edgy type of character, but actually make a good edgy, sometimes. Its a Campaign machine, have several ideias, but sometimes the execution is.... Meh. In our group we call in Dark. He choices created that horror story.
Me:I'm more of a observer for most part of this horror story. But more at the end i started played a character named "Karios".
Hikaru: He is a Awosome guy, very charismatic, he loves the Game part of RPG, but is also a pretty neat roleplayer. He made probably the best character of the rpg, in the eyes of literally everyone. He is the GM best friend.
Azriel:My best friend for life, a TRUE GAMER and one of the funniest guy of the group, he has a very strong accent of the place where we live, which compliment the humor.
Akira: He is the funniest guy of the group, he is a Awosome roleplayer, but have a little problem of creating more than one pc, at the time. He gonna prove a point.
Dylan:Is actual name inst Dylan, but most part of is characters are called that way, he is slow in thinking, he is very versatille and have a style of characther that comes out of the naive teen, with comical relief some times.
Saki:Was at the beginning the only girl of the group, becames a problem player in other stories but was pretty good player at the beginning.
Other players were in, but some don't have a great role, our are present in other horror storys.
I meet Dark 5 years ago, in a community in a app called Amino, and we started our long Online Friendship, but we started trully play rpgs with others of our friend group. I wans't first envolved in rpgs, because my cellphone sucked at the time, and the mic was not working, and the sessions were via Whatsapp Voice Call, because Dark internet was based of internet plans.
But in that time he created a campaign of "Shounen Rpg", Dark always liked animes, not entering the Weeb and Otaku spectrum i think, but he liked, and his rpg group, consisting of 4 people, 3 guys and one girl (excluding me, for the problems that i already mentioned.), liked fights.
The campaign would be in Feudal Japan, but a more anime and samuraish version, with powers to... basically he homebrew a very neat system, the tree principal stats were strength, control and breath, stats goes to 0% to 100%, and what they do was:
Strength: Used in combats for tests, every 5% of strength you gained +1d2 in your 1d10, so if you character had 12% of strenght, he would throw 1d14 if he hit, every 2% of strenght you would get -1 on the 1d50 for attack, if you 1d50 is lower than the enemy, you hit.
Control and Breath: Control to mesure your maestry with your powers, and breath is how much you can handle use your powers, without passing out. Someone with low control, but greath Breath, could spam a weak hability to oblivion, but someone with great control but low breath, would use a HYPER COOL HABILITY, and pass out.
Existed two others stats, HP and Posture, HP is... HP, and Posture was inspired in Sekiro:Shadow Die twice, Posture is a "Pseudo HP", that everytime you get hit, and your Posture was up, you lost posture, not live, but posture was just gained back, after combats, or after the posture is broken. After the posture is broken, the enemy, or player, throw another dice to see how much the damage was dealt.
So, lets say that you had 10 of posture and 10 of hp, if a enemy hit lands 8 damage, the attack just make you go back a little and lost some balance, and your posture is now 2, and if the next attack hit, and the Damage is 2 or more, your posture is broken, and the enemy throw another attack to see how damage it caused.
You could up the stats, making trainings, 3 per day, you could choose what stats each one would be, but you had to give a breach description of what you did, to the GM say what you earn.
I explained the system, but will be important later.
**Part 1: The Gold times*
The Hook of the campaign, and the main quest was to stop the BBEG, Yasuhiro Isamu, a misterious figure that for a unkown reason gained godlike powers, wich lead to the Gods of the World, wich, where The gods of the Japan Mithology, to select mortals to Beat the crap of the BBEG, and for it they give they Marks.
He called the group to make the characters, they made a very interesting team, they dinamic was awosome,
Hikaru and Dylan were brothers, they came of a clan of warriors, that see battle as a honourable thing, and death in battle has such, but has they said "A murakami only dies for another murakami", Hikaru was the Middle brother, that was more connected to the father, and his Npc brother, that i forgot the name, that connection made his beliefs strongly in the clan, following the rules and stuff, like, never backing of until the battle was over(they literally a time have to drag in to run for a battle that they would have lost.) And such, and such, he was so much in characther, that just the way he said what he beliefs telled a lot of the character, he was energetic and a beetle-head, and he brother, Dylan, didn't believe so much in the clan philosophy and Ethic, but they were truly like brothers, they fight, they prank each other, they say sometimes mean things to each other, but most important, they protect each other, a nice detail, is every time that the combat started, and Hikaru was in the back line, and Dylan was in the front, the first thing that he was gonna do, is move to the front of Dylan, and be there, even if the tore the verb in a descussion minutes before, because Hikaru wanted to Protect his brother. Hikaru power was the mark of eletricity and dylan was mark of earth.
Akira made a 12/13 year old child called Yami, and he dinamic with dylan was of best buddys, because they were the only ones in the pree teen(Yami being 12 and dylan being at least 13/14.) Yami had the mark of water, and was a fisherboy, has he said.
Azriel made Kazuto, he was a little bit serious, but extremely relaxed and chill, he had the mark of the wind, and lost his parents for a tornado, for, comical reasons and probably was is first character, he didnt interacted so much with the rest, because of IRL, and emotional reasons, (Azriel was in a pretty bad relationship with a girl, probably abusive), he dont could make in to every session, they literally for the first few months and sessions everyday.
Saki was the comically dumb teenager, who was the lighter side of her brother, shou, who is shou? The Dmpc. Yeah. Shou was edgy, and had a past of the family of saki give him to other family, and such, and his family was killed in front of him, EDGE, died one time, but was revived by the mark of Shadow, Saki had the mark of light.
Because shou become a lider figure to the group, and Hikaru to, i started calling them... The emo Troupe.
They started the campaign, they didnt have the marks, but, the misterious figure that give the marks for them said "Kill...kill Yasuhiro Isamu...", and left. They fell the urge driven by the mistery of "who tha duck is yasuhiro Isamu?"
Oh boy, thats rough, so misterious creatures starts to appear to appear, the characters are spread, but in the first session they start to group up, the brothers were together first, and Azriel pc, found Akira's pc, and after sometime, boom, the party is together and they engage in combat with a misterious creature that don't trully was there.
After that, they train and estabilizes the beginning of a friendship, and go to the next town. They collect some informations, and after sometime, they find some cools Npcs, the basic.
After a bunch of sessions of trying to discover new things, the citys that they go are empty, and they find a Mark, in a place.
They discover that the mark leads to another world, like a mirror of the reality, but, a very utopic one, where Yasuhiro Isamu is a god. That is the plan of Yasuhiro, create a new world to become a god, or something like that.
Yasuhiro is literally the most important antagonist of the rpg, and they know little to nothing about in, but he is very menancing, even that they, never encountered him, any time. It's true the campaign ended and they never encountered the BBEG once.
Some other players enter, but they aren't so much important, but they give a new dinamic to the group, like 2 of the 3 new people were a couple, and basically started parenting Yami.
The sessions passed of diary to weekly, because adult responsabilities kicked in to the more adult of our group, but What they needed to do now, was going, in major city by major city, and destroy the mark that maked the other world, but, here the things start to
PART 2:decline
I talked with the DM, and he said that Yoake was to much, Slow, he seeing it much as a little bit railroad, that don't have to much to do, just, go to a town, find the mark, and destroy it(fight some Yasuhiro General, if there have any.), but the players see it diferently. Yoake for the most part, was a very open rpg to then, and they did not have anything urging them to speed up the things, no time limit, no threat, nothing, like i said, they never find the BIG BAD EVIL mortal GOD, and knowed nothing of him for months in to the campaign, so they where with "all the time of the world", to interact and such.
A bunch of things could be done to resolve this. But, he made his Dmpc go and resolve the marks if they stayed to much in one place he would literally disapear with his dmpc and comeback later, if they ask "where did you go?" He would respond "I was destroying the mark, since you don't was going", in a edgy badass tone.
I love some descussions about who of the Emo troupe, was the fasted, Saki or Shou, because in his words, the shadows need to move in the same pace as the light to the light pass, which, isnt the best of logic.
After more time, he decided, that... He gonna divide the party.(wich was 8 at the time.), the party wanting or not, and put very strong Characters in each one.
Where they come from? Its simple.
The DM wanted to connected all of his rpg's, so he made a plot, that started on his Cyberpunk RPG, listen up, this will be complicated.
What is happening is, in the cyberpunk rpg, exist a place that is basically a google drive of minds, in this google drive of minds, wealth people can put they mind inside, and sometimes, put themselfs in a coma, and basically play in simulation reality, like, Sao Alicization.
And... the world of yoake was one of that.
But the campaign of cyberpunk was around a virus that invaded the mind drive, and this virus, entered in Yasuhiro Isamu, and was making the shit up.
Yasuhiro Isamu was a fucking nobody. No motivation, no nothing, just a computer virus.
But the players did not know that, because was made to be a Plot twist. But not the type that you thinking in the past you can think "oooh, this".
Talking to dylan, he said "It's like he just give up to make a proper villain with convincing motivation."
Even he picked of the HAHAHA THE WORLD SUCKS SO I GONNA MAKE MY OWN, would be better, and get worst.
He called me, to make a npc, Karios that had 100% of strength but, a little of control, i choose to have the mark of time, and here was where i becomed part of the problem, instead of saying "Dude, just talk with them", i haven't the experience to see that what he was doing was put his campaing to a grave.
Basically, he made other 3 DMPCs, and we where the IT GUYS AND TECH SUPORT of the cyberpunk thing, we entered the yoake to help the guys to be a little more fast.
And one of the characters was Bruce, Bruce was another edgy character, but not emo Sad like shou, but RAGED FUELED EDGY, wich i made Karios be the charismatic talkative guy, that the dream was give Jesus a High-Five. Ad other two, one called jonathan, that had 2 pistols a mask, and didnt talk, he was mute, but very expressive, he was give to akira, on a "what if?" In a situation that they fight a Oriental dragon, that had 5 thousand of hp and posture, because he does to much damage in one shot.
We separated the party, bruce stayed with some, and i stayed with others, but i was very much lost in what we needed to do, the DM did not tell me the sufficient.
We find a guy called Samir, to, he was a Marked of the god of the sun.
And was another DMPC, that was extremely over power. And had a romance with a PC that is not to much relevant.
The party was discouraged, because the new Dmpcs where so over the top, that the combats werent fun anymore.
To you have a Ideia, Hikaru literally Died, because in they discovered that his older brother was working with Yasuhiro, and they engaged combat.
Hikaru was upfront to his brother(and dylan was in the other group, because yes), Samir offered help sometimes, because even the Boss minions where super strong, what the DM wanted, was that they accepted the help of samir, he was going to blow up the minions with THE SUN, and after that they whas going to beat the shit off the older brother, the battle was very emotional, and Hikaru, even in the last breath of life, didn't back of the combat, and died, like a murakami, because has i said at the beginning "A murakami only die for another muramaki."
He died. And samir ONE SHOT THE BOSS AFTER. After that, a PC with the Mark of the Death give 10% of her health which was like, 4, to put his soul in to a Sword.
In the other group the same thing, they find a boss, they start fight, they start take the short stick, BOOM, Bruce ONE SHOT THE BOSS.
The fun was very low, and everyone showed not so much will to continue playing, since they became dependent of the dmpcs to even stand a chance.
The DM talked with Hikaru about some ideas, but, the campaign derail some time after, and he tried make a remake.
That derail, and all of the other campaigns, the end of this one discourage the most of the people in our group of participating on his campaing.
I was thinking how i could try help it at the time, and the feeling of "duuude, this could be so much better", made me want make a Master remake of Yoake, like i did with my first campaign. But this is probably a glory story? So on so on
TL;DR:Dm create a good campaign, the party has a very good dinamic, dm thinks that the campaign is to slow, and to speed up things create dmpcs to agilize, but create bosses so strong that they obrigatoly needed for the Dmpcs to finish, ruining the fun of the campaign, and making they feel useless in combat, and the cherry on top, the BBEG was a nobody for a shitty plot twist for connect all of his rpgs, just because he wanted, not because it made any sense.
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2021.09.24 04:22 popgeist_official Despite raging COVID-19, ACL is On cause we need the money. Ain't I a swell Mayor?

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2021.09.24 04:22 _-_-Dale_-_- Been smoking good latley 🤤🔥

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2021.09.24 04:22 joe_rt “I left My Parts in San… err Bay City.”

I wonder how this mission will be in the remake. I remember making this video way back when exploiting the game’s limited draw distance to allow the mission to progress without the communication tower from being destroyed. I felt that this mission had the best canon dialogue going further into Pox’s backstory and loved it.
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2021.09.24 04:22 JDubz890 [Xbox] [H] NCE [W] Any Painted Yee-Haw Goal Explosion 🤠

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2021.09.24 04:22 Roadgoddess Neighbor’s helping Neighbours though Lasagna Love, now in Canada

It is so important during this difficult time that we each know that others care about us and our needs. Lasagna Love hopes to share the love, one Lasagna at a time! (Lots of other entrees are possible too) If you would like some TLC in the form of a complimentary home cooked meal from a volunteer in your area, just click on the link below and make a request, no questions asked. Whether your need be financial, health-related or emotional, we want to help. A volunteer will be in touch with you about a contactless delivery within 10 days. I'm one of the volunteers in Calgary trying to get the word out and it would be our pleasure to make your day easier! Feel free to pass this info on to others as well.
We are also looking for volunteers to join in this movement and bake lasagnas, especially in Alberta, Canada as we have just started here and are getting requests. Please pass this along to those you think might be interested and help us move this forward.
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2021.09.24 04:22 First_Ad7796 I need some help

Ok so im 14 and i moved to a new school and ive never loved someone b4 but i swear this girl is different and were dating now but the problem is im scared to talk to her bc i am scared to say something stupid bc ive never cared so i was never scared but we’ve been dating for abt a month and a half now but idk what to say and over the phone when i say wyd she usually says nothing and doesn’t even ask abt me or if i ask how her day was she just says good and yet again doesn’t ask me but i cant get her off my mind and idk where to go from here and i rly love her but idk wht to do
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2021.09.24 04:22 alllie America's billionaires pay an average income tax rate of just 8.2%

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2021.09.24 04:22 guido-with-a-speedo Ba 300 with Solomon

Hey everyone. I am taking Ba 300 with Solomon and our first meeting and quiz is tomorrow. I have heard from someone in another section that you need a scantron but she hasn’t sent an email yet saying that. It’s also not in the syllabus anywhere I can see. Anyone have any wisdom for me?
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