L'Enfant Sauvage Animated Wallpaper

2021.09.24 04:12 GTROY18 L'Enfant Sauvage Animated Wallpaper

Gojira L'Enfant Sauvage animated cover art wallpaper https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2609814024
I wanna credit ToxicSkullX for the wallpaper without animations, here's his youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuUzpAZc8_UmPzdPbjmSLzQ And here's his reddit (where i got the wallpapers):
SnooCalculations9609 Hope you enjoy!!!!
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2021.09.24 04:12 Newport_Box J. Rawls Feat. Mass Influence - Superhero

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2021.09.24 04:12 techfreakdad Zigbee Thermostat showing low battery status and it won’t clear

Just finished installing a CentraLite Pearl Zigbee thermostat. Needed to go this route as I have no C wire and it’s an arduous task to install new wiring. So I went with this unit with the intention of pairing it through Conbee II and into HB> HK. All worked as planned and the thermostat function in HK successfully controls the furnace However one issue I can’t seem to resolve. HK constantly shows a low battery status and won’t clear despite ensuring fresh batteries are installed and a restart of Conbee/ HOmebridge.
Was hoping somebody may have experience with this and knows how to clear it. It’s a deal breaker for me if it’s a bug or gotcha. https://i.imgur.com/aOgeQkr.jpg
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2021.09.24 04:12 weird_economic_forum back up

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2021.09.24 04:12 1000000students Biden administration begins reimbursing Fla. school officials penalized over mask mandates

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2021.09.24 04:12 RenanXIII Samus Returns: Metroid's Second Coming

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2021.09.24 04:12 rocka5438 Made some images of the rumored new waves for the upcoming Transformers line, Legacy!

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2021.09.24 04:12 CobbBigBrain My first top 100 (I had a hard time making this because I haven't listened to music to make a top 100 with only albums I genuinely love)

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2021.09.24 04:12 joshmckenneyphoto [NLD] 4x18 SBT 90.2 and [SOTCC]

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2021.09.24 04:12 mr_little_brain Just wiped

Looking for a competitive pvp server? Look no further than EoD! We are a growing community of grinders, pvpers, and yes even bobs. We would love to have you! https://discord.gg/FtJq9XzGxb ----Rates and more info in the discord!
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2021.09.24 04:12 AlarmingSpecialist98 Snow man and penguin diamond painting that I finished a couple months back! Not sealed yet but I'll get around to it! This one was so fun!♡

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2021.09.24 04:12 Impressive_Bird_6440 We Dated for over 2 years

And Suddenly Out of the blue About a Month ago, Conversations reduced down to just Yes and No type of Answers and Good Morning and Good night. This went on for about a week, when She says I don't think I have time for this Relationship (Long Distance btw) I can't Manage work and this, it's Exhausting. To which I thought Fine I'll Make Time for you, You don't have to Worry, I don't Mind if we speak even Once a Week I'll be fine with that. She refused, I reminded Her that there wouldn't be distance between us because I was Travelling to the Country She was in about 3 months Time. She still didn't Budge.
I understood there was something else going on, Because She wasn't the type of person that would give up on our relationship So easily. I pressed Her to Tell me the real reason when, that's when She told me, that She Felt I had been Speaking to Her Rudely and I raised My Voice about something and Didn't apologize, So She Narrated this Incident to Her mom who told Her, Not to be with me, that She deserves to be with someone Better. Keep in Mind This was all so weird to me because all of My Family knew and Her Mother and Aunts Knew about us. We all thought this would be it. That I would settle down with Her.
The relationship didn't start out Long Distance, We Studied in the Same University. She moved to another country to Study Further, And Asked me to Move with Her I agreed but Told her I Needed time to Make financial arrangements to come there. She agreed, and right when I got the Approval for my Education Loan this Happened.
In the 2 years that we did Spend together, it felt Like a soul connection, like nothing I had ever Felt in Previous relationships. Over the course of that time we had 2 disagreements both of which we resolved in a Matter of Minutes. What I don't Get is why this time things are different, why we couldn't Resolve things in the same way. When She Knows I'll come there to Her. When everything was in Place. Was one small Argument enough to Make this Go away.
That isn't even the Funny Part, funny part is She said She wanted to give this relationship another Chance, She said She Loved me, and that She wanted to try to work things out. Then about a week Later She said She won't be able to Start this relationship because Her Parents won't ever Agree to this Relationship.
I've been in this situation before with a Different Girl, I'm not afraid to Move on and get over this, the thing is If I do get over it and then She decides to Come back. I won't be in a Position to accept Her back and I will always have the regret of Leaving something Behind that was So Special.
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2021.09.24 04:12 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 04:12 idioticathiest You all seem really nice!

Hello! I stumbled upon this subreddit by clicking the random button and it seemed interesting. After reading some posts, you all seem like really kind people! I'm not really into the whole red pill lifestyle, but i can see for many of you that it is your choice and makes you feel fulfilled. I am by no means traditional in looks but i am in relationships. I think that young people now (I am young as well) really bully traditional, or red pill, people for no reason. If it makes you happy and you aren't hurting anyone then it doesn't matter what you like. I hate that the younger generation has a stigma against being a traditional wife. So, yeah! Not sure if I'm welcome here but I just wanted to say you all seem very nice and supportive. Have a good day!
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2021.09.24 04:12 Aceaku 1.12 FTB Revelations SMP Server with a couple of friends

Looking to have a couple more people join in the server, I am probably the furthest in terms of progression but I’m always there to help others catch up or with any questions. Add me on discord if modded smp interests you!
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2021.09.24 04:12 JayEssris The new Special weapons look really familiar...

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2021.09.24 04:12 KarasuKami10 Should TT release High Xtend+? What are your thoughts?

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2021.09.24 04:12 Briccochet What's your opinion about Chris Pratt as "Mario"?

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2021.09.24 04:12 AngelcryX Axiom / NA / 18+ / PvX / English/ Organized & Ambitious

Axiom / NA / 18+ / PvX / English/ Organized & Ambitious SERVER: NA- East (TBD) FACTION: Marauder Objective:
Our mission is to build a solid group of highly-engaged members with a focus on consistency and intensity. We cater to a variety of playstyles. Skilled PvPers, PvE enthusiasts, and crafters are all welcome. If you have the ambition you will be given opportunity. We aim to excel in what we do.
✪ We will be participating in siege wars, invasions, seeking territory control, and pushing all endgame content to play competitively.
About Us
⬗ Axiom values respect, maturity, and a positive atmosphere. We are a team, a family, and we have got your back.
⬗ We are always looking for talent. We've been around for awhile but if you're capable and have the desire to share your abilities, lead, or help build something great, we will lift you up to be your best. Prove you have what it takes and we'll make it happen.
⬗ We know the importance of smooth logistics and clear communication. Schedules and important information are always up to date, so you never feel left in the dark or out of place.
How do I join?:
Hop into our discord [https://discord.gg/Axiom](https://discord.gg/Axiom) and let us know you're interested! Hope to talk to you soon!

Website: <[https://joinaxiom.com/](https://joinaxiom.com/)\>
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2021.09.24 04:12 twocupsofchai If I cut the rim off of the femmycycle low cervix will it still not spill?

I have a low cervix and the suction from the femmycycle sucks my cervix into it. I think cutting off the rim might help, but at the same time this cup has literally never leaked for me and I don’t want to lose that. Is the funnel piece the reason for it not spilling? And if so do you know if it will work as well?
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2021.09.24 04:12 TheIllusiveBadger I think I accidentally came out to my best friend

So I was sitting at lunch with my BFF and a few other people. I was going to search for something that she wanted me to search something. Now I am not out to any of my friends. I want to some time but I don't know how to. But I was searching earlier that day for something about coming out as gay ideas. And low and. behold, with my friend looking over my shoulder, my recent searches come up. I hear her kinda breathe in sharply, and I quickly search what I was going to. Now she is very supportive, as she is bisexual herself, but it was really awkward. Later on, we were joking about someone she really likes (who is a boy). She asks what block he has lunch, and I said second. It sounded weird that I knew that so I jokingly said, I'm gathering data for you. Her response was "sure your not getting that for yourself?" Like wtf do I do in that situation. The rest of the day she was making very subtler comments about cute boys (which she never does).
Like I have no clue what to do and I'm kinda stressed about it. Ofc I want her to know, but I'm not ready now.
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2021.09.24 04:12 Cicerothethinker Argo Blockchain (ARBK) is going to Uranus, and here's why

They mine bit-coin, lots of bit-coin.
Bit-coin is good.
Their profits are good because bit-coin is good.
You know what to do, make like the apes in the Madagascar movies and jury rig some boosters to the ARBK rocket and maybe we can get it to Pluto
[You can ignore this part, this is just a bunch of filler so my post meets the minimum character requirement so it doesn't get violated by the auto mod like last time. do de do doing DD for apes do de door da de do da de, wow I've got so much space to type whatever I want ok how about Sally sells sea stocks that tanked to the sea floor. I'm actually wondering how much I have to type here to meet the requirement so I guess I'll just keep typing a bit more. So what's your favorite type of hentai? Don't actually answer that please. Probably furry shit bunch of apes whatever not that furry shit is all bad ok I'm guilty maybe projecting a bit idk. Anyway I'm guessing I met the minimum character limit now hope it goes through.]
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2021.09.24 04:12 grimmz77 [H] 70% BTC/LTC/PayPal [W] $250 Amazon GC

Rate is firm. Don't want more but will take less. Only trading PayPal for anything below $20.
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2021.09.24 04:12 avvdon Please help me find funny/ sad cat food commercial

This commercial I usually get on YouTube, it’s very short maybe 5 to 8 seconds with a cat or a small dog looking to the left, crying while saying “Whatver.” About not being fed the best quality food or something of that nature. Also has sad violin music playing in the background. I find it so funny because it’s out of nowhere
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2021.09.24 04:12 Jackpot09 What is the craziest thing you’ve seen at a Walmart?

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