Does anyone know the average thcp content of flower?

2021.09.24 04:16 Euphoric_Ad9500 Does anyone know the average thcp content of flower?

I ask because I can’t find it anywhere. I found the study were it was detected but I don’t want to read through it and I don’t understand it.
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2021.09.24 04:16 BossEwe24 I did the funny, right?!

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2021.09.24 04:16 Ryan3892 My (16M) best friend (16F) is upset because I'm dating a girl (16F) who used to bully her. How can I convince her to try to forgive?

A little background first : I'm a sixteen years old guy and my best friend Jen is a girl of the same age. We've been close for eight years. She's been bullied by this other girl in our class, Anna, and her clique for the past four years. Anna has also flirted with me over the same period of time but I never reciprocated because of how she treated Jen, insulting her and getting her ostracized for being a dork. She even told me several times that she'd stop right away if I go on a date with her. But lately she really changed her way, even without me agreeing to go out with her, and stopped treating Jen horribly. In short, Anna became a much nicer person. That's why I agreed to go out with her, but Jen is now very angry. She said she feels like I've betrayed her and I really don't know what to do because I want to go out with Anna now but Jen is telling me that I am a jerk for doing this. I told her that Anna is different now but she wouldn't listen to that and now I'm feeling really at lost here.
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2021.09.24 04:16 Weary_Spend_5739 What do you do when you feel down?

Today has just been a unique day. Many bad events occurred all today. I’m trying to be optimistic by thinking of anything good that has happened today, but I can’t think of anything no matter how hard I try. Any suggestions on stuff to do when feeling really down? I’ve tried talking to a friend but then turns out she had a really terrible day which made me feel bad to where I didn’t say anything about my day cause she was really upset and in a heated mood. I listened to her and talked to her which made her feel just a little better, and she went to sleep. I just feel really crappy and don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?
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2021.09.24 04:16 EiPayaso YouTube: CERN Technology - Bro Sanchez

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2021.09.24 04:16 MindHeartSoulSpirit Kitten waking up mom and dad

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2021.09.24 04:16 measureinlove Settle a rower debate between me and my husband!

Okay so for Inferno today, we realized we were calculating our rows differently. Obviously the rowers aren’t like the treads where you can stop at an exact distance because the water keeps moving and meters keep ticking up. So in my mind, that meant when I went back to the rower the first time and my meters were at 127 (thanks to inertia), that I should row 127+200 meters and finish at 327.
But my husband said he was just hitting the benchmarks of 100m, 300m, 600m, etc. rather than trying to remember where he started and then adding 100/200/300/400 etc. to that and I’m wondering what y’all do?? Am I doing it wrong? Is he? Does it matter? 😂
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2021.09.24 04:16 HighPriestOgonslav One white woman

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2021.09.24 04:16 blink1510 210924 LISA - ‘LALISA’ M/V Behind The Scenes (Photos)

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2021.09.24 04:16 Still_Huckleberry144 Giant Pumpkins

Any suggestions as to where we can locally purchase giant pumpkins (+20”diameter)?
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2021.09.24 04:16 Ravven_ Trying to play overwatch again, first game I haven’t been embarrassed of

Hey, I’m trying to get back into Overwatch (I wish I wasn’t tbh so many bad memories, but equally amazing ones) and I’ve been trying to get back into the old mindset, JM5RE7 (HiddenCactus) is the replay code if anyone wants to offer tips. I tried to start off as Bap but cold hands and already rust aim don’t do too well. Sorry if this was a bit of a ramble, any advice would be useful, even the ones that are just “leave while you still have a slim chance” lol
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2021.09.24 04:16 KillingKitsune Is there a way to get him to be in human form like he is in this post? Also this post is so cute oml 🥰🥺

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2021.09.24 04:16 Intelligent-Solid-90 Play me with agile soul

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2021.09.24 04:16 InternationalOxygen Moms, I can’t imagine a future with me in it

Growing up, my parents always told me to get good grades in high school to get into a good college. Well, here I am now, my fourth year in and..
Moms, I don’t know if this is really what I want to do for the rest of my life. But I can’t just change plans now and throw it all away, right? That’s not okay, to just waste four years of work based on some whim, right? But I’m miserable—I can’t continue on like this because I honestly hate what I’m studying; but I just can’t run away now, can I?
It doesn’t help that I haven’t been having the best time in college either. Friends are hard to make, and my old friends in high school have gone and left. I broke up with my girlfriend a few days ago, so I don’t really have anyone to talk to about this. I feel so alone, and I feel so stuck and lost—what can I do? Because right now, there isn’t any future that I can imagine with me in it.
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2021.09.24 04:16 Rob-Dipshit No Gashi on TTHT?

Watching an old episode of The Process made me realise that Gerald wasn’t on Gashi’s new album and he’s not on TTHT either. It’s unusual because they talked about working together quite a bit. I hope their relationship hasn’t broken down. Hopefully it’s just something like their songs not making the album
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2021.09.24 04:16 BLUE_BOYS_24 It's been an eternity since I last post anything here, but here are my latest 3 renders. All from today.

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2021.09.24 04:16 ValvatorezSr Chain Stunning Bosses With Alphen

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2021.09.24 04:16 pestelikki Abu Garcia Coupon Code

Here is the Abu Garcia Coupon Code
Looking for more coupons ? You can find more coupons on this page. Also you can use the site search to find any coupons you want.
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2021.09.24 04:16 Ordinary-Let4685 First car buyer

For some context I am 19 years old, a college student, and have the funds to purchase a car. I have no credit, but I am willing to put forward $8,000-$10,000 down for a car I would like. I have narrowed down a few cars that I would considered getting. The kia k5, 2022 Honda Civic, a newer Nissan. I would like something nice, reliable, and a decent size. I’ve done research on all the cars I’ve named and have would like to get different opinions. Honda is known (from what I’ve seen and heard) for their good quality engines and how long their cars last. I want some that’s nice that’s not going to always have to be put in the shop and that’s going to last a while. Is the Honda Civic 2022 over the Kia k5 a good pick. Thanks for any advice.
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2021.09.24 04:16 _squidbot The Hunchback of Notre Dame The Legacy Collection

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2021.09.24 04:16 ittom14 What is the best cheap flattening stone.

I want something that I can chuck into the drawers with my other stones and that would be great at flattening. For reference I sharpen on Shapton pro stones.
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2021.09.24 04:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Congress Needs to Know, but Won’t Find Out, What Happened with Capitol Security on January 6 | National Review

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2021.09.24 04:16 katalyzt01 [USA-IL] [H] 5600X, B550M-ITX/AC, EVGA 650BQ, 2x8G 3600 Memory [W] Local Cash

Hi all,
Tried to build a itx, but regreted, so I decide to sell these components. All purchased within 3 days from microcenter (except the memory sticks). I just don't want to return a ton of items to mc, so if anyone is interested please PM me your offer. Chicago local only.

Item Description Asking (OBO)
Ryzen 5 5600X Comes with original packaging and original cooler (unused). 2122 PGS $250
ASRock B550M-ITX/AC Comes with original packaging, I/O shield, and cables. $105
Crucial Ballistix 3600 MHz DDR4 DRAM (8Gx2) Tested with default XMP profile. Works great. Sticks only. $70
EVGA 650BQ Comes with all cables, screws and packaging. $55
Also in the pic there is a NH-L9A-AM4 cooler.. the metal heatsink is slightly broken by my wrong installation (I used the long screws..) but it is working perfectly.. If anyone will take 2 or more items I can give the cooler to you for free, it will come with everything (excl. the NT-H1 thermal paste).
PM or chat both work. Just comment before contacting me. Thank you all!
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2021.09.24 04:16 azhan0011 Didn’t even buy the jacket and wasted my time thinking that “she” was a serious buyer

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2021.09.24 04:16 prisoninmate Ubuntu 21.10 Beta Now Available for Download with Linux Kernel 5.13 and GNOME 40

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