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Don't do it to me french turtle

2021.09.24 04:06 ChannelRusty Don't do it to me french turtle

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2021.09.24 04:06 SmellyTheBluCow Do we know what company is making the new N64 and Genesis controllers?

I know in the past for the wireless Gamecube controller they went with PowerA, but after buying a couple of those i think the quality was really inconsistent (2 of them were markedly worse than the others).
So do we know who is making the new controllers announced? I'd feel better about buying them if they were made to a higher standard.
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2021.09.24 04:06 villagerofacnh Leah should voice inmobile piece of brocoli in the mario movie

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2021.09.24 04:06 -Liam-- Nintendo Magazine Survey (School Assignment)

For my Year 12 Information Procession and Publishing class I was tasked with creating a magazine. I would really appreciate it if you could spend a moment to fill this survey out for my External task. (Please let me know if this isn't allowed)
This survey was tailored towards my school students, so some questions may be simplified or not relevant (specifically the age category, sorry about that). However, getting the responses from a more targeted gaming community would be very helpful!
Thank you in advance, please enjoy the small selection of samples from my magazine I provided.
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2021.09.24 04:06 jaki293 Should I level her up or level someone else

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2021.09.24 04:06 hokagesamatobirama [El Larguero] Horacio Gaggioli, Asensio’s agent confirmed on El Larguero that the footballer could have gone out on loan this summer. Ancelotti stopped his departure. Also claimed that Marco wants to play in the middle and Ancelotti knows that this is his best position.

[El Larguero] Horacio Gaggioli, Asensio’s agent confirmed on El Larguero that the footballer could have gone out on loan this summer. Ancelotti stopped his departure. Also claimed that Marco wants to play in the middle and Ancelotti knows that this is his best position. submitted by hokagesamatobirama to realmadrid [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 04:06 Vast_Big120 Klara and the Sun Ending !Spoiler!

Why is the manager limping away, and why is that the last image we see? It feels like a connection to Josie, and while I think Klara may have become an unreliable narrator towards the end, I don’t think it WAS Josie. Maybe it’s like a thread between people or Klara was remembering Josie’s walk, I just don’t understand the significance of that image or the limp.
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2021.09.24 04:06 TheAveryOConnor Rocking my new shirt is giving me hardcore nostalgia

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2021.09.24 04:06 _Jester_123_ My Favorite Pics of My CACs

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2021.09.24 04:06 yeskezspanem Transferring old saves to xbox one/series systems?

How is it done? I might be blind but i could not find anything helpful on this so far. If anyone knows how to transfer saves let me (and others) know.
And although I specified help for Xbox, if you know how to do this on PlayStation switch or PC also I'm sure that would be appreciated by others too.
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2021.09.24 04:06 Illustrious_Bike_723 Background check and drug test

Do you guys know how long for the process? I just completed the background form with the drug test on Monday. Will cvs send the email that you pass or fail the drug test? Thanks
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2021.09.24 04:06 vQ_Q7 Thanks mom

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2021.09.24 04:06 Automatic_Flan5154 Is Roy the ultimate tsundere?

And how is there no pictures of him as one.
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2021.09.24 04:06 workwithindies Afterschool is hiring a Scenario Designer to work from Anywhere

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2021.09.24 04:06 RuntOfTheHumanLitter AHH SHIT

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2021.09.24 04:06 hardtofindauserid Bought a bran new grill!

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2021.09.24 04:06 SlowedBrew I’ve seen a lot of confusion around melee weapons in Wonderland so, using everything they have release so far, I’m gonna clear things up!

All resources used will be linked at the bottom for you to do your own research.

  1. Melee WILL NOT be a main damage source.
While I’m sure you’ll still be able to do good damage and make builds with it, melee will not be the focus of most of your builds. It’s it’s by all means a secondary source of damage in order to synergize and pull together your guns, skills, and spells!
“…adding spell gameplay, melee gameplay and skill gameplay. We’re creating combat loops that that will make players want to use everything.” “…guns are the star of the show in this in this fantasy world…” While there will be gameplay loops including melee, the focus will still be guns.
“You can use it (Melee) to complement some of the gameplay abilities for example there are ways to use the crossbow bolts, like while it’s in an enemy, it increases your melee damage. You can stack and work things synergistically together.” This may be one of the one ways to make melee your main DPS, by being buffed or supported by your main firearm.
“There are also elemental effects on some of the melee weapons, and other things that will work well with other pieces of gear or other classes. It’s still a secondary combat system.” To be used primarily to pull your gear and skills together and make things easier. Not to be the main part of a build.
  1. Melee won’t be a permanently equitable item like guns will be.
"If you're just out of melee range when you melee attack, you will glide into your enemy," Cox said. "It's like an auto glide. So you can sprint and slide like in Borderlands 3, and then if you melee at the end of your slide within the right distance of an enemy, you can continue gliding straight into the enemy and close the distance in a really fun way." This is confirming there will still be a melee button. Also saying there will be movement and combos included with melee but chances are it’ll be very similar to how the games are now, you use your melee and whatever is in your new melee slot you will use whatever type of attack is built into that melee. “You still have four slots for guns, and then a different entirely different slot just for the melee weapons that you find in in your loot.” The reason I say it likely won’t be a hand held weapon, but rather an ability you can use is because of all the context clues we have been given. We haven’t seen one person using it as an actual weapon, we have seeing spinning moves and certain melee animations but he have yet to see real melee combat that isn’t a set animation or ability like combat. As well as that the fact it has a separate slot just for melee let’s me believe it is more of a second thought, not to be used as your main damage but to be occasionally used to create synergy in your builds.
That’s really it, if you have any other questions regarding things Wonderlands, I’ll try to answer them, I’ve gathered a lot of info on the new banners, statues, armor and all that fun stuff, so maybe I can help educate you and get you excited for the game!
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2021.09.24 04:06 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 04:06 No-Independence-1579 Where can you actually buy knock off designer items online that are good?

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2021.09.24 04:06 Sir_Micks_Alot69 Ugh, I'm bored and sad. Maybe _______ will cheer me up.

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2021.09.24 04:06 DragonTypeEnjoyer Some cursed Pokemon fusions

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2021.09.24 04:06 Auto-Flower Dungeons and Dudes: A Discord community for Heterosexual, Bisexual, Gay, and Femboy-Identified Males

We are a discord community of over 250 men, gays, bis, and femboys people looking to reach out and grow our community! Our intentions are to: 1-Provide a space that is non-judgmental to support men in the hobby. 2-Provide a space for these people to connect with one another and create games and events of their own. 3-Provide support to people in our community on playing the hobby and becoming Dungeon Masters. 4-To uplift and empower the members of our community both in and out of the hobby. 5-To create a community that doesn't need to worry about radical feminist behavior or exclusion based on age, ethnicity, race, or any other factor. 6-To strive towards being as accessible as possible for neurodivergent people, users with physical disabilities, and those with mental health issues. But we aren’t just a Dungeons and Dragons server, we’re a community. With that in mind, we have non dungeons and Dragons channels for discussion and we hold a whole host of events! Some of these include: Panels on how to run Tabletop RPGs and other hobby-specific topics.One-shot events that community members can run or play in.Monthly Movie nightsCraft nightsAMA(Ask Me Anything)’sA mental health support chat We are only accepting women, genderfluid, and non-binary folks at this time. Radical feminists and women need not apply. We will not exclude you because of your transition status/medical transition history. AFAB non-binary person? You’re welcome here. Trans man? Come on in. If you’re interested in joining us, please message me through Reddit DM’s.
A few words from our members: “This server helped me find a whole friend group and also figure out I was trans!"-Brian “I joined Dudes with my roommates during a tough time in my only friend group. I was being accused of a lot of stuff that was completely baseless and, since I’ve lost entire friend groups before this, it was very anxiety-inducing. Everyone in Dudes was so supportive and understanding when I needed to vent about my problems, and I’ve built so many new friendships to replace the two friends I lost.”-Steve “Everyone here is so supportive and amazing. Super LGBTQ+ friendly."-Carlos If you're looking for a community like this that is open to everyone, please check out this post please DM me!
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2021.09.24 04:06 Krauserver ¿Coincidencias raras o increíbles que les haya pasado alguna ves?

Conocí a una chica que se llamaba Melissa tenía una perro negro y una gato algo gris. Tenía el cabello rubio y le gustaba mucho el fútbol. Después de un tiempo conocí a otra chica con el mismo nombre y mismas características y sobre todo se parecían igual en físico y en voz, pensé que eran gemelas o familiares lejanos o algo así pero tenían el diferente apellido aparte una era de el norte y la otra del sur que raro la verdad. Ambas fueron mis amigas.
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2021.09.24 04:06 Iamshae H: Ari/E/Break Fixer W: Price Check

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