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It's been over 8 months. I have been feeling better recently, but Today it is hitting me all over again. Is it normal?

2021.10.28 11:13 throwawayx9227 It's been over 8 months. I have been feeling better recently, but Today it is hitting me all over again. Is it normal?

It was a gay relationship. I(35m) really loved him(27m) like I have never loved before.
The relationship was very passionate and I let my guard down, became very attached and vulnerable. It was a toxic situation, him being in a relationship already and telling me how unhappy he was in it. But he wouldn't end it.
The breakup was rough and led me to suffer months of darkness and deep depression. I felt pain like I have never felt before.
During the past few weeks/months, I started feeling much better. Meeting other guys, keeping busy with my activities and new hobbies, exercising a lot.
Yet, this morning I woke up missing him like crazy. My brain is really playing games with me and I'm feeling very discouraged. When will this pain ever end?
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2021.10.28 11:13 0ud31s Presenting Liliko's Umuku syllabary

Presenting Liliko's Umuku syllabary
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2021.10.28 11:13 Musorus AMD Ryzen 5 5600G driver problem

Hello everyone,
Need help! After installing Adrenaline 21.10.2 (WHQL) or Adrenaline 21.10.3 (Optional) windows 10 x64 crashing without any chance to recover it. Integrated GPU works fine without drivers. BIOS updated with latest version from ASUS webpage and latest Windows 10 updates installed.
Maybe problem with adrenaline version and I should try old versions?
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600G
OS: Windows 10 Pro (x64)
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2021.10.28 11:13 Gomask2000 AMA

that's it just ama
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2021.10.28 11:13 MetaNemesis Do you want a Alice pack frame on the HasLab Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler's Proton Pack?

I am making this poll in hopes that HasbroPulse will see that the Ghostbusters fans would want a Alice pack frame on the Spengler Proton Pack they are creating. Of course if this does get funded and I do believe it will. I think most fans would want to to be genuine and have a Alice pack frame added to it. I have also made a poll on my twitter account as well https://twitter.com/MetaNemesis/status/1453724177937043458. Please make your vote be seen on there as well.
View Poll
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2021.10.28 11:13 TwilightHime Do you think Scaramouche would be wishable or just a trial unit

I feel like mihoyo could end up making it a side mission like how domains work where you control him, but wouldn't be able to permanently recruit him into the party.
It would allow for more in-depth story telling from a different perspective (everything so far has been based on the traveler), given that we rarely see him on screen but surely he must be up to no good.
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2021.10.28 11:13 EnlightenedBen Does the victor of the legion civil war attack the NCR?

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2021.10.28 11:13 rancho100 Passwordless Global Admin Accounts With Hybrid Environment?

If you set global admin accounts as passwordless-only (instead of password plus MFA), can the accounts still be used on premises with the sign-in prompts for tools like Azure AD Connect, Exchange ECP and PowerShell from on premises local domain joined systems?
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2021.10.28 11:13 Jolly_Position_599 RedFloki stealth launched only today | Get BUSD rewards for hodling

๐Ÿ”ธ Floki has already conquered the world - Binance Smart Chain & RedFloki are next!
๐Ÿ”ธ RedFloki is the latest Floki Fan Token for all the full-blooded Folki Vikings on BSC. Their mission is to overperform all other existing Floki Tokens and create safe & profitable Token for the Floki community.
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 RedFloki
๐Ÿ”ธ RedFloki starts small with low initial market cap and has a chance to grow into a real chad coin - so better get your gains on time
โš”๏ธ 100% SAFU - Buy $RedFloki and know Floki & Busd keeps your funds safe
Initial Liquidity Pool is locked - TOLD YOU IT'S SAFU AF!
๐Ÿ”ธ Stealth Launched bots won't be able to snipe your $RedFloki
1% max tx
2% max wallet
โœ… Low tax 10% Buy and Sell
1% marketing,
2% LP
๐Ÿ”ธ Tax Fees make RedFloki Price Floor grow while simultaneously protecting diamond handed Vikings from big dumps
๐Ÿš€ RedFloki has launched with very low Market Cap - this means that we're talking about potential 100X+ in profits!
So, dear Floki friend what are you waiting for?
Hop on the RedFloki journey and get your gains the Floki way!
Verified Contract: 0xc944dbb9132e2f95431e8f5107afed72674b244d
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xc944dbb9132e2f95431e8f5107afed72674b244d
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x2f523C485Da9120528EcF3AFe060F3b10F7ae11f
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xc944dbb9132e2f95431e8f5107afed72674b244d#readContract
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2021.10.28 11:13 Macintosh_Garden Finally!

We've finally received the authorization code, and the transfer is now in progress. There may be some turbulence while operations are being restored to normal.
Currently waiting for the domain to be released from the previous registrar... lookin' good so far!
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2021.10.28 11:13 cantfindherbody $prog 2 da moon

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2021.10.28 11:13 UngeAudi https://t.me/joinchat/53T8pc6QmZZjMDRk

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2021.10.28 11:13 apnonimus A few more for the bot

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2021.10.28 11:13 Plus_Restaurant1967 Listen up Vancouver, we got the update!

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2021.10.28 11:13 unculturedaxolotl quality control manual!

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2021.10.28 11:13 Regular-Wonder1545 What do you think crawlers actually are?

View Poll
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2021.10.28 11:13 caprison010 Darkrai raid 312897065327

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2021.10.28 11:13 gamesanddevilsgrass Looking for new peeps to add!

Hi everyone, I'm 22F and looking for anyone to add on PSN. I have almost no active friends and would just love to see some activity.. i am very shy and don't do party chats very often but if you invite me to some games (that I own) I'll try to join you ingame still! I love to try out all kinds of games and don't mind the genre (unless it's sports games) and I've been into fallout 76 lately! So if you play that, even better! Leave me your PSN and I will add you :)
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2021.10.28 11:13 B-96 Stop torturing me

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2021.10.28 11:13 realguy98 Whatโ€™s the funniest thing youโ€™ve ever seen?

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2021.10.28 11:13 RemyTheRatBoi Friends?

I'm level 6 and I don't have any friends to compare my score to and such. Would anyone around my level wanna be my friend ig? My ID is RemyTheRat#1 :3
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2021.10.28 11:13 4Wf2n5 What decisions/achievements would you like to see in Royal Court?

With the new culture mechanics I think a good one would be to form the Angevin Empire.
Requirements could be:

It'd be cool to have one for the Moorish kingdoms as well with the mix of Iberian and Berber cultures.
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2021.10.28 11:13 Throwaway78902k Roomates upset about my cat.

My roomate and i are good friends, and have very minimal issues as roomates. Lately she has become very short with me almost ignoring me because my cat jumps up on the table when im not around. i understand why its annoying and gross and i dont want him on there either but how can i possibly control what he does. i bought this air spray thing a month ago but got the wrong batteries and have been so busy with work i completley forgot about it. she mentioned something last week while i was at work and honestly forgot about it, last night she was being really aggressive with the cat when i got out of the shower and she was like im looking up cat reppelents, i then read through the manual of the air thing i got and figured out the right batteries and ordered them. I get shes upset but theres also only so much i can do, hes a cat, and even if we make him get down when were around im sure he goes on when we leave. I dont know if im in the wrong here, i get why shes annoyed but theres not much else i can do, ive tried tape, foil, spray bottle none of it works
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2021.10.28 11:13 MountainBlitz Mnemonics Cards

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2021.10.28 11:13 FunkyColdVerbena Mining Questions

I am totally new to Cryptocurrency, but very, very excited. I am currently in Duke's online blockchain course, just bought a house in a town with 1gb fiber internet, and desperately need a new computer. I'd truly be grateful if anyone could answer, or point me in the right direction regarding, the questions below. Thanks!

  1. Is there a computer under 1k USD that would allow me to mine crypto effectively with 1gb internet speeds? I'm in a Master's level course and just bought a house, so I'm financially constrained for this, but I'm hoping to keep my eyes open for deals on Cyber Monday and would love to know what I should be looking at.
  2. Are there any coins that could be competitively mined with 1gb internet and a cheap gaming computer? I doubt I'd have the capacity to earn any bitcoin, but I'm unaware of what options exist.
Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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