[TRICH]Do you think I’ll get a harvest out of this before I toss? Treated trich with flame,Lysol,antifungal,H2O2 and powdered calcium carbonate.

2021.12.01 11:40 gravitonium [TRICH]Do you think I’ll get a harvest out of this before I toss? Treated trich with flame,Lysol,antifungal,H2O2 and powdered calcium carbonate.

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2021.12.01 11:40 antimantium Love and Ideations

I have no intent to end my life but I've had suicidal ideations for many years now, they don't seem to be going away and are quite regular. It's common to hear that you need to love yourself before it's likely you're lovable. It also hurts people to who do love you, for them to know I'm suicidal. And yet everyone deserves love, and suicidal people might need love to make their life worth living. But no one has the right to others love.
It seems like a catch-22.
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2021.12.01 11:40 LivingOrder2712 😪 upgrades everywhere

I have been wondering how other dgs were done. Seems we all have things at our stores that needs fixing. 😪
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2021.12.01 11:40 Numerous_Party_5459 Upvote please, I will upvote back every comment on this post!

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2021.12.01 11:40 heyohkoh Black Friday Canceled Order

Did anyone else have their entire (or almost their entire) order from the 50% off Black Friday sale canceled?! I got the email last night that 5 out of the 7 items I ordered were oversold due to a glitch in the system... The other two shipped out already. The total of the two items that shipped is $16.29 but after they refunded me I paid $26.38 for those two items. It doesn't make any sense?

They sent me a 30% off coupon for the trouble, but even if I reorder the same items in other colors that are still available, I'm going to be paying more than I would have during the sale. I ordered some things in lavender and fog, which are now totally sold out in those styles and sizes. I know this stuff happens, but I am so irritated!!
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2021.12.01 11:40 Meatwareboi Anyone around nederkouter-plateaustraat hearing those horns

There's like a super loud tibetan sounding horn every few seconds, some more silent ones inbetween. I could hear it all through the streets as well. I'm really curious where it's coming from
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2021.12.01 11:40 chaddoll69 Unlimited Power

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2021.12.01 11:40 SuperMasterpiece6337 What If….

No, not the killer MCU show on Disney+, but does the question, “What If?” ever truly stop invading my head space?
I’ve been pretty vocal here about my recent lightbulb moments, but the last two nights I’ve woken up pissed af and asking what if? What if I’m completely fucking my life up? What if I truly am enternally damned?
I know it’s all bullshit, I know I was fed a lie for 36 years, I know this will pass.
With all that being said, “what if?”
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2021.12.01 11:40 ThEhIsO8730 MRW I did "leg day" for the first time in a decade

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2021.12.01 11:40 FE_Coin 💎Unique concept that allows long-term self-financing for all.💎✅10/15% reward in BTC, ETH, BNB or USDT✅💰Dapps uploaded on December 3, get ready for the rewards.💰✅Audit✅✅Doxed team✅

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2021.12.01 11:40 tom_4 Realistic Plan - Thoughts?

I am looking at law schools in New York. I would really like to apply for this coming Fall. I took my first LSAT. Scored 146. My PTs were 151-153. I let nerves get to me.
My LSAC GPA is a 3.66. What are my realistic options? I am signed up for January where I expect to do better with less nerves. But realistically…. I expect a 151 w/ 3.66 gpa.
I’ve looked at some schools but most seem to be a reach based on the anticipated lsat score. My gpa does exceed the 75th percentile for many NY schools.
I guess just realistic answers. I can erase this score, keep it, apply with it - while planning on taking again In January. Sorry for the wall of text. I know people do not like “chance me” but I would like some realistic opinions. Thanks everyone.
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2021.12.01 11:40 Scary-Ask2233 166 for Nov. Should I retake for Ontario law schools?

Hi everyone, so my Nov score is 166. I have a PhD and taught as an ap for one year and did postdoc for two years. I did my undergrad in a non-English university and ugpa was only 3.3. I have fairly good graduate GPAs, but I guess it doesn’t matter much. I’m aiming at UT, Osgoodde, and Western. Should I retake for a better score? Thanks everyone.
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2021.12.01 11:40 moviesetmonkey What's the beginning and end of day like for a patrol officer?

When you get up and get ready for work do you have a badge already on your shirt? Is your duty belt with weapons with you? Or do you go to the station and dress there and then start your shift?
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2021.12.01 11:40 memoriesofcold A group of Republicans are plotting a government shutdown to derail Biden's vaccine mandate, report says

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2021.12.01 11:40 jameshanngan what would be a good malware and rootkit remover for mac?

Hello I just got a new mac and am looking for a good malware/rootkit scanner. I asked some of my friends and they told me I should use Malwarebytes, Cleanmymacx and Objective see are these good scanners? If not what scanner would you recommend I use.
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2021.12.01 11:40 TheeAlmightyGamer What would you consider to be Christian values?

I am asking to see the individual choices. Every religions values change over time especially as culture shifts but for the Christians now. What would you, specifically, list as important Christian Values? The things that make you a good person in the eyes of the Christian god and/or Jesus.
*Bonus for also listing what specifically makes you a bad person in the eyes of the Christian god.
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2021.12.01 11:40 josekemi Has anyone missed the final group presentation for Intro to Management?

If you have, does it affect your project grade significantly? The project is worth 15 points in total but nothing is written about the presentation. Is it not worth anything?
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2021.12.01 11:40 Buck7174 Day trading???

Just wondering what’s everybody’s opinion on if there’s a lot of day traders playing with lcid. Up to $56ish down to $52ish everyday.
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2021.12.01 11:40 sthrenha Need to replace old doorknob but mechanism is stuck in door

Im trying to replace an interior doorknob that no longer works. House built in the 1930s, and looks to be original door hardware. I removed the doorknobs, but the interior mechanism and spindle is stuck in the door. The mechanism is an “L” shape so I can’t pull it straight through. Any suggestions? door pictures
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2021.12.01 11:40 pink_polkadotgirl ELI5: Why do sweaty bed sheets make you sweat again the next night until they're washed/ changed?

Like, even if they're seemingly dry by bedtime, you're guaranteed to wake up a sweaty mess again. It doesn't happen if the sheets are still a little damp from washing, but sweaty seems to be beget sweat.
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2021.12.01 11:40 Fit_Ad620 Can we PLEASE all agree on banging Laser after the squeeze ? I mean, he deserves it. Doesn’t he ? 🦍 🌙

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2021.12.01 11:40 USSImperius How to Adjust Pattern Sizes?

Hello! I'm fairly new in the weaving space and am feeling brave enough to find a pattern on the internet to try on my own. I want to resize this towel pattern to fit on my 15 inch rigid heddle loom.
Is there a place/video you would recommend on learning how to do this? Or a calculator that exists? My goal is to weave 2 of them in the length required and then stitch them together to make the final size towel. Thanks!
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2021.12.01 11:40 FeralDekuEnthusiast Sunset

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2021.12.01 11:40 Expensive-Cow4587 What is the best way to farm death squads and patrols without many materials

I need to farm them cus I was an idiot and forgot to pick up the lever action rifle recipe
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2021.12.01 11:40 Riptide_NVN Tempered Glass - Recommendation?

Are there any good tempered glass screen protectors for this device? The film based ones are fine but for example the armor suit wants you to let the phone sit a minimum of 12 hours. That is seriously inconvenient.
Looking for better options that still have a quality outcome. TIA
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