Do you ever find blood in your shit?

How dentists are treating your health like shit just to rip you off. General Discussion. Page 1 of ... basically anything that was nerve and blood carrying, leaving only what I'd call "hard tooth", and this has to be done for each root (4 in this tooth) the crack in the tooth that ran through the middle of it front to back, became a variable in ... Couple finds the perfect single girl - or do they? Erotic Couplings 08/25/07: Twins (4.57) Her swap with twin was not what she expected. Loving Wives 08/09/03: Two Plus Two Equals Five (4.29) Sometimes things in life get screwed up. Erotic Couplings 09/21/14: Under the Mistletoe (4.76) Company Holiday Party gets wild. Erotic Couplings 12/05/05 13 Surefire Ways to Get Your Shit Together 1. Use a planner Missing meetings and appointments is a classic sign of not having your shit together. Nobody ever looks at the person who’s perennially late and thinks they’ve got their lives in order. The focus of this build is tankiness. Stormbind has one of the highest base dmg to base cast time ratios. As such, you can invest almost the entirety of your gear and tree into being tanky and still do mediocre damage. My setup had 15k ES + 35k armor + 4 end charges + 26k evasion + 40% spellblock + ghost shrouds as defences. Do not spread your knees to a man you don’t love.And he should also be in love with you.Once this is a mutually established fact,you need,for your own protection, to give your love object, a ... Your personal and family medical history, as well as your goals for testing, should all factor into your decisions about whether and how to test. A genetic counselor, a healthcare professional with special training in genetic conditions, will be able to answer your questions and help you make an informed choice. Do the Right Thing: 2 Part Series: Do the Right Thing? (4.64) I test boundaries with my boyfriend's best friend. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/08/15: Do the Right Thing? Ch. 02 (4.80) My boyfriend's best friend, the new girl or both? Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/14/15: Girl Power: 3 Part Series: Girl Power (4.77) They are a good person—that’s why you are with them. If you ever lose your faith in their goodness, then you will begin to erode your faith in yourself. And finally, pick your battles wisely. You and your partner only have so many fucks to give, make sure you both are saving them for the real things that matter. Been happily married 40+ years.

2022.01.29 00:26 slippyfisted Do you ever find blood in your shit?

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2022.01.29 00:26 billbraski17 Intel can't even grow profits during a global chip shortage – where did it all go wrong?

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2022.01.29 00:26 AerobicAlien I catfished someone and feel awful about it. What should I do?

There is a guy I went to high school with who I always thought was kind of cute and I wondered what he looked like naked, so since I saw him on Grindr, I thought it was the perfect opportunity. But I knew he wouldn't send if he knew who I was (I didn't have a profile picture at the time) so I sent pictures of a friend of mine who I knew he wouldn't know.
Well, then I wondered "What if he was secretly into me all along and I didn't even know?" So I came clean and told him who I really am. He quit responding to my messages. I tried to apologize to him later and he ignored. I left for a while and came back (not because of him) and I noticed I saw his profile and then it disappeared so I'm pretty sure he blocked me.
I know that what I did was messed up and disgusting, but I don't want him to hate me. We were never really close friends even in school, but we were mild acquaintances. Should I try to apologize to him again or just let it go?
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2022.01.29 00:26 Cyber_Deg After creating a new account and singing copious amount of sea shanties, I present f2p Plunder Patroll

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2022.01.29 00:26 gonzoh Hard day at work

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2022.01.29 00:26 ferris4shaheem Random Hotties

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2022.01.29 00:26 Concrete_Doctor That's a dang' good katsu curry!

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2022.01.29 00:26 Agray432 Is teemo a bad pick in ranked?

So I’m bronze and a lot of the time when I pick teemo my teammates will start complaint about having a teemo and how he is bad. I personally don’t find him bad and so I’m wondering why people think he is bad. It might just be a low Elo thing
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2022.01.29 00:26 saffronspicey anyone wanna give me $60 😁

please 💔
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2022.01.29 00:26 QTIIPP [US-ME] [H] Drop/Womier k66 smoked [W] PayPal

Repost! Price drop
Hey folks. First post on here, but I usually trade on AVexchange.
Looking to sell my hot swap Womier K66 with gateron blacks As Is.
Back story…Got it from drop last year and used it sparingly as a backup keyboard for a bit, but recently decided to start modding it, lubing, etc. turns out, the plate is a super tight fit for some switches. The plate chipped in 3 places while pulling switches out (see pics). Everything still works well (actually feels/sounds decent with some quick “band-aid” modding on a couple just as a test (actually used duct tape haha), but some stabs will need a little extra work to be rattle free. Or ideally replacement for better stabs. Also, one of the switches literally got mangled while pulling it out, so I put a lubed/desk keys filmed far yellow (see pic without caps). Also note that, for some reason, the plate or something seems to be a bit bowed, so outer keys seem to lean inward (see pics).
Summary: works completely fine, but isn’t very “hot swap” friendly without accepting some risk, and qc seems to have been mediocre.
Asking $45 shipped obo - comes with original packaging and accessories, and I’ll include 5 gat yellows “just in case” (2 lubed/filmed, 3 stock) - all switches lubed with krytox 205g0
Comment and pm with interest. Thanks!
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2022.01.29 00:26 neekatnight What did Saul mean by this?

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2022.01.29 00:26 Briand2714 [Post Game Thread] Rockets lose to Blazers 125-110

Box score soon
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2022.01.29 00:26 Zimm9 New song on SC!

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2022.01.29 00:26 Tanis1111 Blurry vision?

So, I'm on day three and I've noticed I need my reading glasses a heck of a lot more. Does lex cause you to lose a bit of your close-up vision? I can see perfectly far... just need my glasses to even type this.
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2022.01.29 00:26 JonathanBlossom 🤣🤣🤣

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2022.01.29 00:26 obsdifly Statue of liberty, what do the scales represent?

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2022.01.29 00:26 skyefall10 indent right? cycle day 27 should be darker by now if it was positive... AF expected in 3 days

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2022.01.29 00:26 ArchdukeHennessy How do I vibrato whistle?

I can hit notes well but I want to spice it up a bit and learn a vibrato. I’ve been looking around online and haven’t really found anything helpful, so I was wondering if anyone could explain how to vibrato. Thanks.
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2022.01.29 00:26 Awes0max13 Chuck Palumbo is the 5th member of the FBI revealed for the game!

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2022.01.29 00:26 shamansufi How many U-hauls ...

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2022.01.29 00:26 Sleepynn What would you most call your SO?

If you don't have one, imagine you do ;)
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2022.01.29 00:26 D4nTheM4nk R/ADHD Having A Normal One
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2022.01.29 00:26 Puzzleheaded-Watch-3 Need help

Working on a futuristic mp shooter (it's basically gonna be black ops 2 in vr) the map is finished but need help making weapon models and pvp health
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2022.01.29 00:26 nanashi63 Just venting frustrations

I've had multiple fast food places, Taco Bell mostly, decide not to accept doordash orders but not tell anyone. Then I'm stuck in their drive through for 20 minutes because they refuse to make the food and their lobby is closed. They don't care that I'm not getting paid for this wasted time. Also Wingstop and a few others making me get the drinks for the orders when i get $2.50 base pay. Already talked to doordash support and it's not our job as drivers to do that, but Wingstop employees insist that it is. I know it seems like a small thing but it slows me down, specially if i have to go there more than a handful of times per dash. And idk how many times my app just freezes or crashes or sends me too the incorrect delivery address to be told by support that there's nothing they can do and there's no way they can add a little more fare to the order.
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2022.01.29 00:26 lexicalthoughts Health Insurance for Masters Program

So I just applied for health insurance with "German-student-insurance by Dr. Walter" and they gave me documentation already stating I'm covered, but I didn't pay for anything. All I did was provide my passport number. In the email and confirmation it stated that this would be enough to show for a visa and to enroll at the university. Has anyone else had an experience using Dr. Walter's insurance with TK? I want to make sure this is legitimate and sufficient enough to provide for my applications.
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